Knakeesha Samuels

My name is Knakeesha Samuels, the Creative Director and Founder of How To Run In Heels! Welcome to a place where you can be uniquely fierce and unapologetically you. I started this brand because I needed to remember what has made me who I am  – my resilience and persistence towards my goals, as I found those 2 things I found the need to create products that catered to women just like me.

When the idea came to me I was at a point of defeat in my career and was searching for myself and how I could portray my personal brand and re – invent myself. One day I was walking around the office and got the usual comment “I don’t know how you walk around all day in those high heels!” and who knows what came over me that day but I quickly responded ” Well, wait until you see me run in them!” It was then that a vision was born.

The one thing that makes me, ME – I never stop running towards my dreams! (And I never will) And in that moment I knew that my purpose was to channel my creativity into helping women realize the same thing in their day to day life.

So I designed everyday products for all of the extraordinary boss -type women of the world.

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