I think no matter who you are or who you are striving to be your clothes and appearance will always make a statement. Ultimately telling someone a thing or two about you before you even get a chance to speak.

So take control of the assumptions you want others to make of you by presenting yourself in a way that truly represents you.

Find a style or items that make you feel confident as you try to pursue various opportunities in your life!

Invest in some timeless pieces like “Pencil skirts, turtlenecks and classic black pumps that will withstand time no matter what the new hot trend is.”

Following great style icons like Fabiola  @fabfoodandthecity will give you a sophisticated perspective for all occasions.

and like she said “black & red can do no wrong” especially for all you power women out there!

Thank you @fabfoodandthecity for inspiring this post with your incredible style and great content at www.fabfoodandthecity.com.

Leave a comment about some of your favorite timeless pieces that make you feel confident!

Thanks so much for reading!




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