Are you #RunningInHeels

Are you #RunningInHeels

I am so excited you decided to start #RunningInHeels with me! I hope you’re ready to be equipped with everything you need to chase enormous dreams, build beautiful empires & smash really big goals.

This has been such a crazy week, now that we have launched our pre – sales and social media campaign, so many AMAZING women have reached out wanting to know more about the brand!
So first things first, let’s do an introduction. My hope is to get you to see  the bigger picture of what How To Run In Heels is all about.

Let’s start at the beginning….

I’m Knakeesha Samuels – The Creative Director behind this interesting little online store called – How To Run In Heels
But let’s be honest – this is a startup so I’m also the designer, the accountant, customer service and model!

But seriously…I created HTRIH from a pain point I first found within myself. I built this movement because I needed to find MY personal brand, My voice & MY inner inspiration. I began on a journey of self discovery until I landed on the conclusion of what has always made me successful in the past  – my resilience, passion and persistence towards my goals. As I found myself and realized my brand, I found the need to create products that catered to women just like me.

So First Came A Name…

Then Came A Calling…

And Then A Product…

And Finally A Purpose:

I used to go to stores to try and find business accessories that fit MY brand – this sassy , tenacious girl trying to run the world. When I couldn’t find it I decided to create it….

Our business accessories are meant to abandon what is considered “pretty” & “girly” and instead aims to completely capture a REAL BOSS LADY’S attention, with ideas creativity & effortless style.

From the designs to the affirmations we are bashing all the “pastel prototypes” of what is supposed to appeal to women. The aim is to change the narrative by saying – we are in charge now and not only do we have a seat at the table, but we bought it & decorated it too!

And then this MOVEMENT was born

#RunningInHeels is a boutique for women at the end of the day – but through my products I want to bring style and practicality to women who are running towards their better selves daily. My hope is along my journey I can not only teach what I’ve learned so far but learn from women like you, because I have so much more running to do!

So now I want to know a little bit about you!

What does #RunningInHeels mean to you?


Knakeesha Samuels – Creative Director

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